Wild Photos That Show The True Scale Of Things

Earth is a crazy place, full of strange and wonderful creatures and habitats that we don’t really know the magnitude of until we compare it next to “the norm”. You might know what an elephant is, maybe even their size, but what does that mean in comparison to a person’s height? Or think about the width of a skinny rock ledge in relation to human feet. 

Take a minute to size up some of these crazy comparisons.

You Caught a Pokemon

You caught a Pokemon

Cheryl Fowler / Pinterest

We’re fairly certain this hickory horned devil is really the Pokemon Caterpie. How is it possible for a caterpillar to grow up to 5-inches long? I would hate to see one of those crawling up a tree during the summer. Good news is that I don’t live in North America’s deep south where this species is considered to be common.

They don’t stay this big forever, and at the end of their caterpillar stage, these big boys transform into regal moths 


The Mountain and His Lady

The Mountain and his lady

Belinda Hawthorne / Pinterest

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, or The Mountain from Game of Thrones, is a professional strongman. Hitting an impressive 6-feet 9-inches and weighing an incredible 440 pounds, this beast of a human shrinks anyone who stands next to him. That includes his wife, Kelsey Henson and the random guy walking behind them in this photo (even if he is a few feet in the background). 

Hopefully, Björnsson learned early on how to hug his other half without crushing her!


That’s a whole lot of nope

That's a whole lot of nope

imgur / Pinterest

Imagine a peaceful day. You’re out fishing with a buddy and drinking a few beers. Then THAT swims up next to, what you thought was a decently sized boat. You’re not rocking beer goggles, a Blue Whale three-times the size of the little vessel is right next to you. 

A fully grown male can grow up to 29.9-meters long and weigh up to 330,000 pounds. These marine mammals are the largest known species on record. Long story short, everyone stays on the boat!


Coconut Crabs vs. Doggo

Coconut Crabs vs. Doggo

Melinda Masi / Pinterest

Also known as the robber crab or palm thief, these crabs, funnily enough, are a species of the terrestrial hermit crab. Ironic considering hermit crabs can fit in the palm of your hand. Coconut crabs, on the other hand, weight up to 9 pounds and can grow to be a little over three feet from leg to leg. That’s as big as your math teacher’s yardstick! 

The good news is that these creatures are sparse in heavily human-populated areas. 


A Fox With Wings or Bat?

Fox with wings or bat?

Rose Divine / Pinterest

Bram Stoker called, he’d like his Dracula bat back. Although, if you take the 5-foot wings away, the giant golden-crowned flying fox does resemble a fox more than a bat. They even have the pretty golden-brown fur of a fox, along with a pointed snout and ears. 

I guess the scientists who named this species knew what they were doing! Sadly, these flying giants are endangered due to poachers and competition with humans for their main source of food: fruit.


Peter Cottontail Has Been Eating His Wheaties

Peter Cottontail has been eating his Wheaties

BabaMail / Pinterest

Who needs a dog when you can have a huge, domesticated Flemish Giant rabbit hopping around the house? Those paws look to be as big as a medium-sized Border Collie! Even though this specific rabbit looks a bit annoyed with the photo-op, these creatures are docile and patient beings that are commonly kept as pets. 

At 15-pounds and 4-feet long, they’re a perfect size. Raise your hand if you wouldn’t mind this big boy hopping into your lap for a movie night!


Just a Baby Ghost Crab to Brighten Your Day

Just a baby ghost crab to brighten your day

Annie Fullmer / Pinterest

It’s so tiny! I don’t want to think about how many of these creatures I’ve stepped on at the beach. Especially considering they’re able to change color to match their environment depending on the time of day. 

Ghost crabs are common shore crabs, meaning they like to live and hunt on the sand instead of in the ocean. Although I’m not entirely sure how much food this guy would actually fit into its mouth. Eating probably takes hours!


King Of The Trees

King of the trees

TripSavvy / Pinterest

If this tree falls in the forest while no one is around, does it make a sound? I would think so! These massive trees grow 379-feet tall and 29-feet in diameter, making for one loud forest-floor “BOOM!” 

Redwood trees are some of the oldest tree species on Earth, living up to more than 1,800 years. If I lived that long I’d probably turn into a tree. These beautiful trees can be found mostly along the coast of northern California and Oregon.

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